Featuring a unique collection of one-of-a-kind pieces made with Nature in mind.

Yellow Stones Gallery is brand new!

A collection of 12 artists, and growing each day, you will find one of a kind items to meet your personal and home décor desires.

Made with Nature in mind, choose from jewelry such as painted elk horn earrings, driftwood-stone necklaces, and handmade glass beads. Landscape oil paintings by Parke Goodman, and unique photos of Yellowstone At Night, by Robert Howell are available in all sizes. Find your favorite wild animal or wildflower in your choice of prints or cards by Gwen Morgan. Also a great collection of Twelve Moons Products, herbal salves, oils, and body scrubs are handcrafted by Sara Gibbs to promote peace of the body and mind.

Straight from Tibet, handmade scarves, and vintage silver, amber and coral jewelry are here, along with Native American medicine wheels.

If you like crystals there are many colors to choose from, along with Selenite and Himalayan Salt Lamps to warm any room.

Available for order, are magnificent marble statues of Buddha, Quan Yin and Mother Mary, AND Beautiful Cathedral Amethysts Geodes to bring peace and harmony into any home. We can find the perfect match suited for your needs as sizes vary from 2 feet to 6 feet tall.

Stop by for a visit and see what’s new in the every changing and growing Yellow Stones Gallery: Directions

And of course a great collection of Yellow Stones from the area.

Available for order:

Parke Goodman is a local artist from Livingston, Montana, His self-taught expression of Nature is influenced by his study from the Hudson River Institute of Art. His love for Montana keeps him busy creating landscapes to bring in to any home to feel the peace and tranquility of the mountains and valleys throughout the state. He handcrafts his own frames to enhance all of the paintings with an antiquity that allows each piece to show its unique expression.

Large, mantel size pieces are available to accent any main room.

Shipping cost are billed separately.

Lone Peak : 9 x 10 $850
Big Sky, Montana
This original oil paint captures the spirit of Lone Peak with its delicate colors and incredible depth. Mantel Sizes available.

Storm Castle Cliff 9 x 12 $900
Gallatin Canyon near Big Sky
This extraordinary piece draws you in to the movement of the river and the Sunset over the canyon cliffs. Mesmerizing.

Thermal Pool 4 x 6 $150
The color choices capture the warmth and true essence of the hot pools in Yellowstone Park. The soothing blues are soft and inviting for the viewers gaze.
Mantel Sizes available.